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Mpho Dagada formed this foundation upon realising that there are many women entrepreneurs in the country but most of them are in the informal sector. Not only that, but they are at the bottom of that sector.Also, most of them have no access to adequate information or resources to grow their businesses.


Mpho and his partners formed this foundation to help women entrepreneurs that have big dream’s but are still functioning in the informal economy with little support. They have no prospects of growing their businesses.

The Mpho D foundation was built to enable a world where women entrepreneurs are given resources and opportunities to see their full business potential. Mpho understands the value that women bring to economic growth for the future of South African society, thus he has dedicated himself to supporting women entrepreneurs.

Although MphoD Foundation's primary aim it to cater for girls, women and children's welfare; the foundation also strives to assist black entrepreneurs to grow through a mentorship program.



Empowering Women

  • Creating female entrepreneurs

  • Future leaders

  • Creating an equal market

  • Creating female entrepreneurs

  • Future leaders

  • Creating an equal market

  • Creating opportunities for the girl child 

  • Empower the girls Fund - Raising funds to give the girl child to explore her creativity

  • Donation of funds children's homes and children programs

  • Improving children's homes and shelters infrastructure

Empowering Girls

Empowering Children




The Foundation's vision is to hold seminars that will provide women to meet other successful women in the same sector and gain support from peers.

The Foundation will provide guidance and expert advice from Mpho Dagada and related industry leaders to empower women entrepreneurs.

Opportunities will be provided to women entrepreneurs to learn various business skills to ensure that the entrepreneurs are better equipped to expand their business.

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