By profession, Mpho Dagada is Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker,

Obsessive Entrepreneur and Investor. By nature, he is a solution architect, a

passionate conveyor and has been caught on multiple occasions attempting

to shift mindsets. By circumstance heʼs a digital currency mogul, a digital

visionary, blockchain technology expert and futurist.

Mr Dagada was officially appointed to be a Member of the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution(4IR).


Amongst many of Mr Dagada’s other undertakings, he has his best foot forward with this consignment in order to ensure that he positions South Africa as a globally competitive player in the 4IR. The world is moving and growing and Mpho has a clear understanding of the direction that it will be taking. At the age of 25, he has an arsenal of accolades and is proving that no task is too big for him.


President Cyril Ramaphosa has entrusted Mr Dagada to advise government on policies. Develop framework for implementation of a multi-sectoral strategy, coordinate, monitor and evaluate multi-sectoral initiatives. He continues to become an authority in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.

Mpho hosts a weekly coaching group for individuals on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify  and Apple Podcasts with over 2000 weekly members tuning in to listen and engaging with his content every week. 

Mpho has over 50 000 followers across all his Social Media Platforms- listening and engaging and advocating for all his social causes.

Mpho has gone all over the country hosting tours that are centred around educating people about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in turn- how they can use this knowledge for the betterment of society and their individual lives.

Mpho grew up in humble Venda, South Africa. This is where he first developed his

entrepreneurial acumen as a budding micro-lender at Louis Trichardt High School

where he matriculated. In between his entrepreneurial escapades, he began honing

his passion for speaking and left the young public speaking community wanting as

they witnessed him thrive globally. Some of his many early accomplishments include

Young Communicator Award Finalist, An invitation to an International Exchange

Program in Toronto, Canada and being selected among young entrepreneurs globally to participate in the prestigious TrepCamp which took place at Stanford University,USA.


This journey afforded him the opportunity to learn and study alongside the

world's best in Silicon Valley in a program that sent him on an odyssey through

Googleplex, Facebook HQ, Salesforce, Adobe HQ and many other digital


Dagada is often booked globally to Keynote on Blockchain Technology and
more importantly the future of finance. He has worked alongside the Bill and
Melinda Gates Foundation in their efforts in helping bank the 1.7 Billion
unbanked people around the world. He has spoken alongside the likes of
Karen G Mills, who was a member of President Obama's Cabinet. Through
this Harvard Senior Fellow, Dagada has conducted extensive research about
fostering innovation, growing entrepreneurs and fin-tech. Dagada has advised Provincial Governments on fostering public private partnerships that foster transformation and inclusive growth. Dagada has headlined conferences such as the Namibia Oil and Gas Conference where he spoke to companies such as Shell, Total, Anadarko, ExxonMobil, Tullow Oil and Standard Bank.



Eagerly, in 2012, Mpho moved to Johannesburg where he was enrolled at the University of Johannesburg. It was the quickly sobering prospect that he would only achieve through his chosen field, a middle class life, a sigh inducing monthly wage, retirement at 60 and death soon after, that violently re-awakened him to his dream, to be ridiculously successful at a young age. The dream drove him to starting a cleaning and laundry service in and around campus, trying out pyramids and pawning off healthcare products just to mention a few. He funnelled the collective returns from these endeavours into his cryptocurrency fixation and Mr Bitcoin was born. Following his wildly successful investment into digital currency, the chronic entrepreneur bug in him was stimulated which saw him building multiple successful businesses in the fields of Logistics, Hospitality, Education and eCommerce, launching the likes of Invest in Future Currency, NDA Media, Foodz Holdings just to mention a few for modesty's sake. This all leading up to the debut of his first book Mr Bitcoin - How I Became a Millionaire at 21. The book has since achieved best seller status in South Africa and was chosen for Exclusive Books prestigious HomeBru campaign.

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Dagada was also nominated to represent South Africa at the One Young World International Summit in Zurich, Switzerland.  His incredible journey saw him at certain points rubbing shoulders with Nobel Prizewinner Wole Soyinka, Seasoned Humanitarian Vivian Onano, Superpreneur/Music Industry Mogul Russell Simmons at the prestigious Vuka Knowledge Summit where in his capacity as a tech-entrepreneur Dagada took to the stage a very complex topic and ‘market’ in interpretation of ‘awakening and self-awareness society has around knowledge and self-improvement’. Mpho has since launched his passion project, The MphoD Foundation, which hosted its debut project on Mandela Day, 18th July 2018, where members of all his organizations gathered at the Johannesburg Children’s Home to paint, donate essentials and impact in their own way the lives of the children at the home. He continues to impact the lives of thousands through his new talk show, Conversations with MphoD, the aim of the show being: “ To narrate through conversation, the stories of influential members of society, and use them to become a solution-barrer and restorer of hope in a society that does not believe anymore that their dreams are valid, it furthermore intends to encourage and prompt people to take an active stance through building conversation on what can be done in the

African continent to address economic and social issues and stimulate the upliftment of African citizens.”

Mpho Dagada continues to hover the South African flag on International Soil. He was invited to  Tunisia to judge a group of entrepreneurs at the AFRICA STARTUP GATE SUMMIT. Mpho launched the Global Africa Blockchain Alliance (GABA) in Tunisia together with the Minister of Employment & Vocational Training in Tunisia, Honourable Saida Ounissi where they spoke about the benefits of funding young entrepreneurs even without financial records of the past.


Dagada represented his country of birth South Africa, in China, as part of
delegation, sent by the President to the China - South Africa exchange
meeting of Economic & Trade Cooperation. He has been invited to guest
Lecture and speak at Higher institutions of learning, ranging form
University of Witswatersrand to Columbia University in New York City.
Mpho Dagada draws on personal life successes and passions to inspire
and rally global agents of change to build a more profitable future for all,
to ensure that each individual become assets in their organizations,
advocates of change in their society and leaders in their world.